Mysticism, neuroscience, ancient mystery schools, and spiritual science have been my passion for over two decades. After designing a major in Human Consciousness from Stanford University, I worked in the field of neuroscience for a few years before realizing that science without mysticism is on the wrong track.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world in search of teachings that retain the most wisdom. I trained with Martin Prechtel, wise shaman; with Ariel Spilsbury, priestess; in Tantra (Kashmiri Shivaism lineage) at Agama Yoga, and in Chi Nei Tsang and Taoism, with Gilles Marin and Mantak Chia. Following the breadcrumbs of inspiration, I've been guided to a better understanding of consciousness, through the union of science and spirituality. To better understand the nature of reality and what we are doing here, I have delved deep into ancient ancestor wisdom, archaeology, ritual, geomancy, earth energies, magnetism, and tantric spirituality. My great passion is to rediscover techniques of cultivating trance for healing, insight, and gnosis (instant, intuitive knowing). That is what Tantric Trance is all about.

We will work at my beautiful temple nestled in the wilderness, 20 minutes north of Asheville. It's a retreat with space for movement, comfort, and healing. Where weather permits, we will work in the forest... since Nature loves to heal.