Hi. What is tantric trance? In the ancient Sanskrit language, “Tantra" means “weave”. This ancient tradition weaves together many different spiritual sciences into a coherent technology for expanding awareness, achieving human potential, and ultimately, for achieving Enlightenment.

Trance is a state of being, our natural state. In trance, the right hemisphere of our brain, which gives us art, music, emotion, intuition, is activated. We go into theta state. We leave behind our logical, left-brained egos, which are useful as tools of the self, but in our normal consciousness they have taken over. Transcending the ego and entering trance allows us to connect with our higher selves, to rewind the soul, to reclaim our intuitive knowing.

I believe the only way to clear and resolve trauma is from the trance state. Trauma is the key to so much. It limits our potential, keeps us in painful dramas, and blocks our ease and pleasure. The logical mind cannot reason its way out of trauma: it is stored in the body, and even in the DNA.

Fellow trauma worker Ian Clive Dixon says:

Time heals ... is a LIE, a MYTH, a confusion ... Time is like leaves falling on broken glass, the glass is soon covered and forgotten - the glass remains SHARP… … and when another steps upon the glass of our childhood traumas, it hurts .... there is an eruption ... hard words are said, and regretted later, harsh deeds are done, which in hindsight were foolish or unwise

Olga Kharitidi, a Russian doctor with experience in Siberian shamanism, writes about healing trauma in her book Entering the Circle:

When you distance yourself from the source of suffering, when you name it as opposite to what you want to be (I assume that you all want to be good, don't you?), you lose a chance to change it. Because it continues to live inside you, as part of you, making you make many of your choices, but you refuse to recognize it, so you remain in ignorant bliss and you continue to suffer.

They learn to hide them from themselves and their children. They play hide-and-seek with spirits of trauma, and guess what? Most often they lose, because even when they don't remember, their genes—those unfailing memory units—do, and the hurt stays there until you heal it. ...

"We call the source of unhappiness and disease `trauma.' And we believe that there are live representations of trauma in all of us. In our tradition, we call them `spirits of trauma.' Whenever something hurts you and you don't accept it fully as a complete part of your history, you create a gap in your memory; a gap which, when the hurt is strong or repeated many times, becomes occupied by a spirit of trauma […] the unhealed traumatic experiences which gain status of their own and become spirits of trauma continue their existence throughout generations. If they are not healed, they build up, connect, accelerate, enforce and support each other, and become collective entities. […]we believe in our tradition that whatever we do directly touches generations before and after us. When you free yourself from trauma, you heal your ancestors and protect generations after you.