Trance Sessions: Trauma Release several hours, $89 donation

Trance is a state of consciousness, correlating to the Theta brain state. In this state, when we bypass the ego, we have access to our higher self, and can transform trauma. Trauma is the key to so much: childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, earth trauma. In order to move it out, to transform stuck patterns and access our connection with source and our highest potential, we need to access the subconscious and the body. Talk therapy is good, but not enough: our bodies are the key.

Our goal is to tune into your body’s innate knowledge of how to enter into the trance state to heal. All grief is one grief. When we release it, we can enjoy the emptiness of peace.

I have developed an efficient method for reaching trance. I will guide you to find your own intuitive wisdom, and may do some bodywork if it feels right. Our goal will be to reach a trance state for transformation, while releasing tension and making space for pleasure. I will witness and hold space for whatever arises: emotional release, processing, inspiration, accessing the higher self and life purpose. (Those of you with a trance practice already who just need a space -- spacious, plush, comfy, and private -- we can work out a deal).

Tantra Courses, Workshops, and Sessions

Individually tailored sessions for men, women or couples: tantra-yoga, massage, ritual, or the basics of tantric sexuality. Contact me for more details, we will create a session according to your needs. I studied Tantra in the Kashmiri Shivaism tradition for 6 months in Thailand as well as in the Taoist tradition.

Chi Nei Tsang: Taoist Abdominal massage 1 hour session, $69 donation

Chi Nei Tsang, focusing on the abdominal organs, is the most powerful modality I have found for addressing so many health concerns, such as digestive problems, headaches, chronic fatigue, menstrual cramps, sciatica, insomnia, depression. The belly is usually ignored by bodyworkers, and stores so much of our stress and trauma. Most people go into deep trance quite easily.


You are one of the smartest, wisest, and most interesting people I've ever met. Thanks for your help and guidance.

, I cannot really explain to you in words how crazy and different my whole body feels after you did that work to me. Definitely a lot of integration, all really good it all feels really good. Thank you

I really feel like something is rearranged in my body, and mind, in a really good way.

I want to thank you for the time you spent with me last Thursday helping me start get clarity in my sexuality.   It is just a start.  I feel I need more energy work with you.  When you coaxed me into opening my eyes, the expression on your face was one of  tenderness  and warmth.  It is imprinted in my mind and helped open up my heart.

I really enjoyed meeting you.  I experienced a kaleidoscope of sensations, feelings, and energy that felt very powerful and healing.  I have much to practice and learn but it is exciting.

When I'm with you I can feel the metta flowing.  You have such a beautiful soul and when I look into your eyes I see genuine kindness.

On custom workshops:

For a long time, I've intuitively felt that learning more about Tantra would be an important part of my personal growth. I've explored information online, but I've been under-whelmed by the low quality information I found online, and I've been over-whelmed by the detailed/abstract information I found in Tantra books. Since I'm the kind of person that learns a lot better when I'm in a classroom setting, I knew that the Tantra retreat with Elicia would work best for me.

This is why I took Elicia's Overview of Tantra course. The teacher to student ratio was low, so that I knew I'd get a l lot of attention and get all my questions answered. Another thing that attracted me to the course was the fact that it was conducted in a house in the mountains, away from the anxious energy of population centers. The house has a beautiful view overlooking a valley, and there was ample forest to go hiking in.

As far as the course goes, I feel like I got a really in depth overview of Tantra. I feel that I can move forward with my Tantra education familiar with a lot of the general concepts and principles. A side benefit is that now I know which areas of Tantra I want to explore further, and which ones I'm willing to wait till later to explore, which has the potential of saving me time and money in the future.

Elicia taught the retreat in segments (two per day) that built upon each other. These lessons consisted of yoga movements, breathing exercises, lecture, and meditations. Maybe one of the coolest things about this two day intensive was the the time spent between lessons. During our class break-time we had a lot of amazing conversations about tantra, relationships, current events, philosophy, etc. Elicia is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

My only regret is that I didn't take more notes during the retreat. I guess I thought I'd retain more information than I did. Also I think if I brought a romantic partner with me the learning experience would have been 2x as good because I could have been able to practice the exercises with her and bring our education home with us so we could practice together. In short, I highly recommend the Tantra retreat to get a powerful overview of Tantra.